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Dino Jaws

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This event is no longer running
 Set aside: about an hour
 Who is it perfect for:  all ages

Don’t miss Dino Jaws, an amazing exhibition from the Natural History Museum, featuring life-size animatronic dinosaur heads – including the terrifying T. rex!

Explore the sometimes gruesome, always fascinating, subject of dinosaurs and their food. From the notorious flesh-eating habits of T. rex to the vegetarian tastes of Iguanodon, dinosaurs had many interesting ways of catching their meals and eating them.

See up-close how their teeth and jaws moved together to tear, grind and chew food. You can also explore intriguing fossil evidence, hands-on exhibits and fascinating scientific insights that reveal everything we know about what and how dinosaurs ate.

Dig for virtual fossil evidence to discover what Baryonyx munched on, examine a huge poo to find traces of Euoplocephalus’ last meal and discover the chilling theory about the deadly Coelophysis’ dinner.

Featured dinosaurs:

  • Tyrannosaurus head

  • Edmontosaurus head

  • Brachiosaurus head

  • Baryonyx

  • Ceolophysis

  • Velociraptor

  • Protoceratops

  • Iguanodon

  • Euoplocephalus
  • ​Oviraptor


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