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Thursday 21 October, 8.00pm

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 Location: Online
 Set aside: 2 hours
 Who is it perfect for:  Adults (18+ only)
This is a free event but capacity is limited and on a first-come-first-served basis. Please click the link below to register your place.

Is fake meat fake news? 

Our planet’s climate is changing fast. Humans are emitting greenhouse gases into our atmosphere at an unprecedented level, and agriculture, forestry and land use relating to our food systems account for over one third of this. Could alternative protein sources like lab-grown meat be the solution? Or is that just fake news? 

In an effort to reduce the carbon emissions generated by farming animals for meat, companies are racing to create appetising meat substitutes. Alternative proteins are starting to hit the shelves, and now “cultured meat” - grown in a lab - is on its way. It’s already on plates in restaurants in Singapore! 

In a society of meat-lovers, could lab-grown meat be the solution? Or will people be too sceptical for it catch on? 

At a Science Speakeasy, nothing is taboo and the discussion will be steered by the audiences' questions! Register your place at our Zoom event and enjoy a lively night of debate from the comfort of your own home. Join the debate, with panellists from here in Newcastle and right across the globe. 

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Dr Peter Newton - University of Colorado Boulder
Peter’s work takes him across the world, from Brazil to Indonesia, studying how policies make the food system more sustainable and affect people’s livelihoods in low- and middle-income countries. He teaches Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

Dr Chris Bryant -  Bryant Research Ltd
Chris’s company, Bryant Research Ltd, conducts research on global markets for alternative proteins, including plant-based and cultivated meat, and food system sustainability. 

Dr Martina Miotto - Chief Scientific Officer at CellulaREvolution
Martina is a scientist with expertise in cell biology & tissue engineering, now developing new technologies for the cultured meat sector. In particular, she is bringing it from a product that’s made in batches to something that can be manufactured continuously. She is the Chief Scientific Officer of CellulaREvolution, a company formerly based at the Centre for Life, which is now at the Newcastle Helix. 

Dr Alexandra Sexton - Sheffield University
Alexandra investigates how new food products change our food system. She looks at high-tech meat and dairy alternatives in particular: how they challenge our ideas of what ‘meat’ and ‘milk’ are, what they mean for who controls the future of protein, and what impacts they might have on agricultural livelihoods and landscapes. 

At events held in Life Science Centre, a cocktail bar is available; for Virtual Science Speakeasy, we want you to replicate the experience in your living room, so pour yourself a drink, dim the lights and get comfy on the sofa.

Capacity is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

You will need access to the Zoom mobile app (available on App store and Google Play store) or Zoom Desktop Client to take part.

Telephone dial-in is also available. Details on this will be provided in the registration confirmation email.

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