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Life is delighted to be the venue for an NHS large vaccination centre, but the operation of the centre, including appointments and queueing, is solely the responsibility of the NHS. Sorry, but Life will not respond to any queries relating to the NHS vaccination programme.

The NHS has issued the following information: Only people who are invited to have a vaccine can book an appointment. For more information go to this NHS website.

Parking is available in nearby Times Square Car Park. Limited spaces are available on site on a first-come, first-served basis – sorry, but we are unable to reserve spaces. 


Due to Government restrictions, Life Science Centre, Life Meetings and Events and Times Square Café are currently closed. For any queries, please email We look forward to welcoming you back soon. Stay safe.

Due to the Government-imposed lockdown, Life Science Centre is currently closed.

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Life goes on-line!

We've pulled together our favourite science experiments and activities for you to try at home and have fun while you're learning! Try extracting DNA in your kitchen or learn a card trick that uses maths to wow your friends!

Check us out on FacebookTwitter or Instagram to see our team demonstrating more fun and educational activities you can try at home. Share your own videos and photos with us using #LifeGoesONline.

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How do hand warmers work?
We bet we're not the only ones relying on pocket-sized hand warmers to take off the chill this winter, but do you know the science behind these toasty wonders?

Watch the video >
Model boat challenge
Build a model boat that holds as much weight as possible without sinking!

Watch the video >
Cork drop challenge
Can you drop a cork so it lands standing upright every single time? See if you can master it in time to wow your family at the Christmas dinner table.

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Ice fishing
With the weather turning chillier by the day, Ben has a cool experiment to share with you! Use this science know-how to make your own game of ice fishing - fun for all the family this festive period!

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Cantilever challenge
Can you create the longest cantilever to balance coins on, using items around the house? Lauren used pencils, but you can use anything!

Watch the video >
Testing for COVID-19
In this video, Michelle demonstrates how scientists tests for viruses and explains the difference between a virus test and antibody test.

Watch the video >
Egg drop challenge
Can you get the egg in the glass of water only touching the cardboard and not making a mess?

Watch the video >
Glowing hot bottle
Esther captures an eerie video about things moving without touch and ghostly glows.

Watch the video >
Spotting satellites
Wrap up warm and join Michelle to see what satellites you can spot in the night sky.

Watch the video >
Density jars
Back in April we showed you how to create a rainbow window display using salt water and the science of density. But did you know that you can also play with density by changing water temperature?

Watch the video >
Pendulum painting
Pendulums are found in places we might least expect, from certain types of clocks to theme park rides. Get into the swing of things by creating your very own pendulum painting.

Watch the video >
The sound of water
Water makes up around 60% of the human body and 70% of Earth’s surface. You probably drink it every day, but have you ever listened closely to the sound it makes as you pour? 

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Mirror drawing challenge
Marilena has a challenge for you to tackle this weekend. Can you draw a picture without looking at the paper and relying just on a reflection in a mirror?

Take on the challenge >
Martian glowsticks
What would life be like on Mars? And what toll would it have on the human body? In this video, Ben investigates, using glowsticks!

Watch the video >
Taste testing
Explore how your sense of smell affects your taste, and how certain foods are enhanced by unexpected senses, like touch!

Watch the video >
Coin trick challenge
Josh has some coin tricks for you to tackle this weekend. Can you make a coin disappear, or squeeze a coin through an impossibly too small hole?

Watch the video >

Coin trick reveal >
Colour illusion
Discover the science behind negative photographs and see colours that aren't there in this cool illusion!

Watch the video >
The science of baking
Like you, we've been doing a lot of baking during the pandemic. But what happens when you remove one of the key ingredients from a cake? Hayley investigates!

Watch the video >
Balloon Rotocopter
Take inspiration from Amy's favourite exhibition in Life Science Centre - our Bernoulli blower - and create your own balloon rotocopter game.

Watch the video >
Can you get a water balloon in a bottle?
See if you can fit a water balloon inside a plastic bottle...without making a splash!

Watch the video >
House of cards
Build the tallest house of cards you can using just one deck! Try different shapes to make your house stable.

Watch the video >
Get the best out of your bagel
How can you cut your morning bagel to ensure the most amount of filling? Find out with Hayley (with the help of some maths!) in this video.

Watch the video >
Friday challenge: Sundial shadows
For this week's Friday Challenge, can you follow the sun's shadow over the course of a day? What do you notice at different points throughout the day?

Watch the video >
Maths card tricks to wow your friends!
Pick a card, any card!

Use maths, not magic, to amaze your friends and family with this awesome card trick! 

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Flushing Fun - The science behind siphons
What do you think about when on the toilet? Ever wondered how the siphon that makes your toilet flush works? We have. It's just how we roll... 

Have some flushing fun with this science experiment you can try at home to understand how siphons in toilets work.

Watch the video >
Brain Twisters
Three fun challenges that just need the most powerful equipment available to a scientist: your body and your brain!

Watch the video >
Fire away with our air cannons!
Manipulate the unseen by making your very own air cannon – you’ll be blown away!

Watch the video >
Make a balloon scream!
Like us, you might have leftover balloons from your low-key lockdown birthday celebrations. In this experiment, make your balloons scream!

Watch the video >

Party tricks for a lockdown birthday

It's Life's 20th birthday this week, and because we can't celebrate in style in the science centre, we're bringing the party to you! Check out our awesome party tricks you can try yourself to wow your family an friends.

Watch the video >
Download the instructions >
The Zany Brainy Game Show
Welcome to The Zany Brainy Game Show, the show that highlights some of the incredible things your brain can do! Join our contestants as they attempt challenges to show what makes our brains so amazing, then try them yourself! 

Watch the video >
Health Heroes Week: Handwashing
Born 200 years ago, Florence Nightingale pioneered handwashing in healthcare to stop the spread of infection. Discover the science that makes soap so effective and be a health hero by washing regularly for at least 20 seconds.

Watch the video >
UK Garden Day: Transpiration roses
It's UK Garden Day on 10 May so to celebrate we're bringing you a colourful floral experiment! Happy #GardenDay! All you'll need is some pale flowers from your garden (or from a vase indoors!) and food dye. Why not make a rainbow display with your flowers to put in your window? 

Watch the video >
Stargazing from home
In this video, we tell you what you can see in the night sky this week from your garden or window!

Watch the video >
Extracting DNA
Today is DNA Day, and what better way to celebrate than extracting some DNA yourself in your kitchen?  Please note: adult supervision is required.

Watch the video >
Download the PDF instructions >
Earth Week: Ocean acidification
To round off our Earth Week, we have an experiment for you to try at home to learn more about ocean acidificaton. The increasing amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is making our oceans more acidic, which is affecting the creatures that live in the water.

Watch the video >
Earth Week: Home weather stations
Happy Earth Day! This year's theme is climate action, and with this activity you can become a citizen scientist contributing to the work of climate scientists. 

Watch the video >

How to make a rain gauge >
How to make a barometer >
How to make a wind meter >
Can you solve our liquid mystery?
Why is Toni's liquid changing colour from glass to glass? There's no technical trickery involved, so science must have the answer! 

Watch the video >
Find out the answer > 
Spinning egg challenge
To round off the Easter weekend, take on our Easter egg spinning challenge! All you need is hard-boiled egg or some Mini Eggs (if you've not eaten them all already!) 

Watch the video > 
Pace egg dyeing
Celebrate Easter with a local tradition andan eggs-elent science twist! 

Watch the video >
Work out the speed of light - using chocolate!
Try out this tasty experiment to calculate the speed of the fastest thing in the universe whilst enjoying yourself in your kitchen.

Watch the video >
Make your own science rainbow
We've been inspired by everyone's efforts in making beautiful rainbow to display in their windows and brighten up the day of our amazing key workers. We wanted to make our own, but with science!

Watch the video >
Try chromatography at home
Discover what colours hide in your favourite felt-tips with this easy-to-do experiment at home!

Watch the video >
Make wine glasses sing!
Make wine glasses sing in harmony using just your fingers.

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