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Solar System and Beyond

Space science today is all about answering big questions. The furthest... the biggest... the oldest... the faintest... the darkest... the deepest... 

Often the best place to study space is right here on Earth. And people in the North East are front-runners in research of truly astronomical value.  

In Space Zone, study the stars and look further into our Galaxy than we ever have before.  

Try out these activities and join our local astronomers in the quest to find out the secrets of space.  



Our Solar System

Our Earth, and everything that orbits our local star, the Sun, is part of the Solar System. This includes the other planets and their moons, as well as dwarf planets, asteroids, comets, and other small objects. Even with all of this, most of the Solar System is empty space. 

For little ones
Make a model of the solar system >

For independent children
Why is the sunset red on Earth but blue on Mars? >

For grown-ups
Help planetary scientists describe the surface of Mars >

Head in the stars

Since the beginning of time, farmers, astronomers and artists have been making patterns in the sky. In reality, these stars are very far apart and at various distances to Earth. 

For little ones
Spot some constellations >

For independent children
See a planetarium on your computer >

For grown-ups

To infinity and beyond

Galaxies, black holes, looking further than ever – looking far away is like looking back in time!  

For little ones
Make your own telescope >

For independent children
Hear what local scientists are working on >

For grown-ups
Help scientists at LIGO search for gravitational waves >

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