We are now open with a new LEGO® Dinos experience. The rest of the science centre will remain closed.

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Space and Society

Space: it’s vast and nothing is going on, right?

But thousands of satellites are whizzing around in Earth’s orbit, helping us forecast the weather, dodge traffic jams, catch up with TV shows and stay connected.  

Here in the North East, people are developing amazing new ways to build satellites and use their data.  

In our Space Zone, you can try out what it’s like to read the weather, launch your own satellites into space and much more. Want to find out more? Check out the activities below.




How does your phone know where you are? Where does the weather forecast come from? It's all thanks to satellites orbitting the Earth!

For little ones
Build a satellite using household materials >

For independent children
Protect your satellite from bad space weather >

For grown-ups
Check out this real-time 3D map of objects in Earth's orbit >

Observing Earth

Space spin-offs on Earth

See the space tech which already helps us every day. Some of our gadgets, like smartphone cameras, were actually first developed for space missions!

For little ones
Find the hidden space tech in your garage >

For independent children
Trace space back to you >

For grown-ups
See how space spin-offs have transformed our commercial products >

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