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Professor Joris Veltman

Dean of Biosciences Institute, Newcastle University

Joris has conducted ground-breaking research into genetics and specialises in rare disease diagnostics, disease gene identification and male reproductive health.

His expertise has recently seen him lead on research at Newcastle Fertility Centre, which identified a new genetic mechanism that could cause severe forms of male infertility.

He is currently the Dean of a large bioscience research institute at Newcastle University which houses over 100 research groups.

“When Life opened, many people were nervous about genetics research and the concept of IVF babies. Life is proud to have been a pioneer in both fields. Partnership is key to the work we do. For example, male infertility genetics, my specialism, has involved working with fertility experts from Newcastle University and international collaborators but also closer to home, with the NHS Fertility Clinic on site. It's inspiring and rewarding to be part of a unique circle of science in a place where researchers, clinicians, science communicators and educators work side-by-side, sharing expertise and ideas. We are all driven by a common goal to enrich lives through science - and to make it accessible and relevant to everyone.”

Joris Veltman, Dean of Biosciences at Newcastle University and Centre for Life Trustree.

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