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Science at home

Bringing Life Science Centre to you!

Child doing science at home in the kitchen.

Activities and resources to enjoy online!

Check out the activities and videos below to see some familiar faces from our team demonstrating fun and educational activities you can try at home.

Conduct your own experiments. Play fun science games. Get creative. Find out about local scientists and the work they do. You'll soon be thinking like the professionals.

And please feel free to chat with us on social media @scienceatlife, even if it's just to say hello!

Child experimenting and learning about science at home

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Space ship on orbit of Earth planet. Expedition of cargo spacecraft to ISS. Deep space and cities lights. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.
Create your own satellite!

Satellites protect our magnificent planet by watching the weather, guiding lost travellers, searching for space rocks, and more! What will yours do?

Age 5 - 8, Age 8 - 11, Age 11 - 14
Life Science Centre DIY rainbow made from CDs and torches
Make your own rainbows!

Rainbows are famous for appearing high in the sky as beautiful, colourful arcs, but what if there was a way to make a rainbow here on the ground?

Age 5 - 8, Age 8 - 11, Age 11 - 14
Teenager holding iPad with portraits of 16 emotions being displayed.
Me, me, me!

Explore our amazing brains and bodies and learn more about yourself.

Age 5 - 8, Age 8 - 11, Age 11 - 14, Age 14+
Close Up Of Bee Pollinationg Of A Wood
Bee hunt

To help protect bees, we need to know where they are and how they’re doing. Join the North East Bee Hunt to help record bees on our doorstep.

Age 5 - 8, Age 8 - 11, Age 11 - 14, Age 14+
Happy Young Man With Small Sister Holding Bug Hotels Outdoors In Backyard.
Make a bug hotel

Create your very own bug hotel using a range of materials and then fill it with sustainable materials like bamboo, leaves and twigs!

Age 8 - 11, Age 11 - 14
Flower Rich Wild Flower Meadow
How to make wildflower seed dumplings

Make your own wildflower seed dumplings at home then see your far you can throw them!

Age 5 - 8, Age 8 - 11, Age 11 - 14
A Bumblebee Perching On A Thistle Against A Plain Green Background.
How to make a bee hummer

Bees' wings make a loud humming noise. See if you can replicate this at home using a rubber band!

Age 8 - 11, Age 11 - 14
Girl extracting DNA from fruit and vegetables in kitchen at home.
Extracting DNA at home

Learn how to extract some DNA from fruit and vegetables in your kitchen!

Age 8 - 11, Age 11 - 14
City sky at night.
City stargazing

Let’s explore some constellations in the night sky.

Age 8 - 11, Age 11 - 14

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