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Life is delighted to be the venue for an NHS large vaccination centre, but the operation of the centre, including appointments and queueing, is solely the responsibility of the NHS. Sorry, but Life will not respond to any queries relating to the NHS vaccination programme.

The NHS has issued the following information: Only people who are invited to have a vaccine can book an appointment. For more information go to this NHS website.

Parking is available in nearby Times Square Car Park. Limited spaces are available on site on a first-come, first-served basis – sorry, but we are unable to reserve spaces. 


Due to Government restrictions, Life Science Centre, Life Meetings and Events and Times Square Café are currently closed. For any queries, please email We look forward to welcoming you back soon. Stay safe.

Due to the Government-imposed lockdown, Life Science Centre is currently closed.

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Downloadable learning resources

We've pulled together our favourite science activities for you to try at home with these handy downloadable PDFs - fun for all the family! From colouring in sheets to stargazing guides, there's something for all ages to try.

Check us out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see our team demonstrating more fun and educational activities you can try at home. Share your own videos and photos with us using #LifeGoesONline.

All online content is FREE, but Life is a charity and so this is a challenging time for us. Please consider supporting Life and help us to continue to inspire everyone in North East England to explore and enjoy science. Donate here.

Create a flapping Pterosaur
Probably squawkers rather than roarers, Pterosaurs were flying reptiles that lived at the same time as dinosaurs. Their wings were made of stretched skin, like bats!

Create your own Pterosaur >
Build-a-bone dino!
Use a set of bones to build a dinosaur from the inside out!

Download the instructions >
Make a snapping dinosaur
Craft a hungry dinosaur head using cardboard!

Download the instructions >
Dino colouring in sheets
We've pulled together some roar-some colouring and activity sheets for the whole family to enjoy!

Download the PDF >
Make your own slime!
Check out our four fun ways to make your own slime at home, using things found in your kitchen! 

View slime recipes >
Stargazing at home
Explore the constellations in our night sky from your window or garden! 

Read more >
Sharpen your senses
Looking closely and observing things is an important skill in science. It can help us spot important things we might otherwise miss. We can pay close attention to our senses to make new discoveries about familiar places.

Download the PDF >
Static electricity
Why do I sometimes get a shock when I touch a metal door handle or handrail?

Download the PDF >
Ship shape design
Can you design a boat to move through the water smoothly and quickly?

Download the PDF >
Alreet pet? Animal behaviour
Scientists study animals to learn about their behaviour in the wild and at home. If you have a pet, you can study animal behaviour too!

Download the PDF >
Party tricks for a lockdown birthday
It's Life's 20th birthday this week, and because we can't celebrate in style in the science centre, we're bringing the party to you! Check out our awesome party tricks you can try yourself to wow your family an friends.

Download the instructions >
Send a waterfall birthday card
Do you know somebody celebrating a low-key birthday in lockdown? Show them you care with a homemade card with a science twist! 

Download the PDF instructions >
Make your own optical illusion
Trick your senses with a homemade optical illusion that will leave you wondering whether you can always trust what your eyes are telling you!

Download the instructions >
Craft a #ClapForOurCarers puppet
Celebrate your health heroes every Thursday at 8.00pm with our #ClapForOurCarers puppet. Download our template to make your own.

Download male template >
Download female template >

Watch the video >
Solar System treasure hunt
Hunt around your home for little planets and create your own Solar System! 

We've put all of the sizes to scale in a handy document: 

Download the PDF >
Home weather station
The theme for Earth Day 2020 was climate action, and with this activity you can become a citizen scientist contributing to the work of climate scientists. 

How to make a rain gauge >
How to make a barometer >
How to make a wind meter >
Extracting DNA at home
Learn how to extract some DNA from fruit and vegetables in your kitchen! 

Please note: adult supervision is required.

Download the PDF instructions >
Make a water flute
Craft an instrument and play a tune using water!

Download the instructions >
Spin to sing link a buzzing bee!
Create your own bee hummer using recyclable materials.

Download the instructions >
Super speedy soap boat
Harness the power of soap to launch a boat at speed! Race against your family - who will come out on top?

Download the instructions >
Launch a paddletub!
Wind the paddletub, wind the paddletub, launch launch, watch it go!

Download the instructions >
Bounce Boing!
Create a bouncy trail to boing your marbles as far as you can!

Download the instructions >
Ping Pong Cannons
Take aim and fire with our rubber-powered launcher!

Download the instructions >

Ahoy there! Make a shadow boat
Sail the seven seas using light and shadow.

Download the instructions >
Perform a shadow show
Entertain your family by harnessing the power of light and shadows and creating a shadow cinema.

Download the instructions >
Craft a cardboard maze
Create an intricate maze using cardboard. Can you navigate your ball through it safely? 

Download the instructions >
Take on the loopy lifter challenge
Craft a fun game for the whole family to enjoy using a humble cardboard box, some string, and a whole lot of creativity!

Download the instructions >
Tin foil boat challenge
Design a boat out of tin foil to hold as much cargo as possible.

Produced in partnership with North East Autism Society for #AutismAcceptanceWeek

View PDF >
Grow your own tomato plant
Grow your own lunch! Follow our instructions to grow your own tomato plant.

Download the instructions >
Magnetism... an attractive force
Magnetism is an invisible force caused by the unique properties of some materials. We can use this force to make things move from a distance, without even touching it! Grab a magnet and let’s investigate magnetism.

Find out more >
Materials and their properties
Our homes are filled with different materials. Materials are what things are made of, like wood, metal, cotton, plastic… the list is endless! Let’s explore the different materials in your home and figure out why we use different materials for different things.

Read more >
Grow your own crystals
Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and many other crystals form when liquid rock cools slowly. Another way crystals form is when water evaporates from a mixture. You can make these in your kitchen!

Download the instructions >
Red cabbage indicator
A chemical can be acid, alkali or neutral. This property affects how it reacts with other chemicals but it is invisible. Scientists use indicators that change colour to show the chemical’s acidity. Make your own indicator at home using red cabbage!

Download the instructions >
Separating mixtures
Mixing things together can get messy, whether it’s ingredients in the kitchen or blocks in a building set. Sorting and separating them out again can take a long time, but we can use science to make this easier!

Find out more >
Speeding up chemical reactions
You can mix two chemicals together and get a reaction. They can be fast and explosive, slow and fizzy, colourful, hot… the possibilities are endless. How fast a reaction happens is called the rate of reaction. But how can we change the rate of reaction?

Find out more >
Solids, liquids and gases
Find out how we can determine whether something is a solid, liquid or gas, and then how we can change things from one state to another.

Is this a solid, liquid or gas?

How do I change something's state?
Travelling sounds
Close your eyes and listen closely to the sounds around you. What’s the furthest thing you can you hear? Can you hear things happening in other rooms, or even further away? Sounds can travel a long way. 

Let's explore how >
Our tongues are covered in taste buds that pick up five basic tastes: sweet like sugar, salt, sour like lemons, bitter like dark chocolate, and “umami” or savoury. How can we change which of these tastes our brain registers in foods by altering our smelling abilities?

Find out more >
A touching experiment
Although we touch many things each day, we usually rely on our other senses to work out what objects are, especially sight. Let’s try to investigate the world using only the sense of touch.

Download the instructions >
Make your own rocket launcher!
Engineers make rockets, test their designs and then change them to make them even better. We can do the same at home with just a few recycled objects!

Build your own rocket launcher >
How are Moon craters formed?
The Moon’s surface is covered in interesting features. It is covered in craters – places where objects from space, such as asteroids, have crashed into it. Using some ingredients from your kitchen you can investigate the way craters form, and have a snack at the end!

Find out more >
Top Ten Tinkering Tips
Tinkering is a great way to boost your creativity, be resourceful and change how you think about the world, as well as improving your problem solving skills and confidence!

Read our Top Ten Tinkering Tips >


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