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Life is delighted to be the venue for an NHS large vaccination centre, but the operation of the centre, including appointments and queueing, is solely the responsibility of the NHS. Sorry, but Life will not respond to any queries relating to the NHS vaccination programme.

The NHS has issued the following information: Only people who are invited to have a vaccine can book an appointment. For more information go to this NHS website.

Parking is available in nearby Times Square Car Park. Limited spaces are available on site on a first-come, first-served basis – sorry, but we are unable to reserve spaces. 


Due to Government restrictions, Life Science Centre, Life Meetings and Events and Times Square Café are currently closed. For any queries, please email We look forward to welcoming you back soon. Stay safe.

Due to the Government-imposed lockdown, Life Science Centre is currently closed.

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Life goes on-line!

Creativity and science go hand-in-hand. Here, we have our favourite arts and craft activities that help you to develop your scientific curiosity and critical thinking. Create a maze out of LEGO®, or an optical illusion to trick your family and friends! Watch the videos below for instructions to make your own - and have fun!


Check us out on FacebookTwitter or Instagram to see our team demonstrating more fun and educational activities you can try at home. Share your own videos and photos with us using #LifeGoesONline.

All online content is FREE, but Life is a charity and so this is a challenging time for us. Please consider supporting Life and help us to continue to inspire everyone in North East England to explore and enjoy science. Donate here.

Christmas Cracker Box
Why not make your own Christmas crackers this year? It's good for the environment and means you can guarantee the best jokes at the dinner table!

Find out how >
Craft a Spinema
We may not be able to go to the cinema at the moment but that won't stop us from putting on a spectacular spinning show with a make-it-yourself Spinema!

Learn how to make your own >
Create a DNA Mobile
Create your own double-stranded DNA structure in this cool spinning mobile using just paper straws, pencils and sellotape!

Watch the video >
Slug escape challenge
Mastermind a daring escape from a max security prison for our slug, using materials you have at home! One rule: the trail can never touch the floor!

Watch the video >
Cam boxes
With Halloween on the way, let's make a ghoulish window display! What monster will you choose?

Watch the video >
Balancing Butterfly
Butterflies use their antennae for balance and for detecting smells and wind speed. But when the butterfly is made out of cardboard and has no antennae, can you still make it balance?

Watch the video >
Blow a tune with a balloon bassoon!
Use a cardboard tube, a straw, a balloon and a whole lot of lung power in this musical make.

Watch the video >
Stomp rockets
Have a go at making and launching your own stomp rocket with a few simple materials. How high can your rocket go?

Watch the video >
Friday challenge: Marble run
Get creative and make a maze for a marble or small ball using objects around your house!

Watch the video >
Make a sprinkler
Use paper straws, some tape and lots of creativity to make this super-soaker!

Watch the video >
Cardboard hand
Craft your own cardboard hand puppet! Can you adapt our design to make it wearable?

Watch the video >
Create your own stable 3D structure using just paper straws, string and a bit of science! This make relies on the principle of tensegrity, or tensional integrity.

Watch the video >
Create a sellostepper!
Use materials you have around the house to create your own sellostepper! Decorate it and race with your family and friends to see who is the quickest.

Watch the video >
Castle challenge
To celebrate the launch of our LEGO® Dino Experience, we have a new castle (get it 😉) challenge for your to tackle this weekend!

Watch the video >
Jack in a Box
Craft your own Jack in a Box and see how many of your friends you can catch by surprise!

Watch the video >
Craft a frog race!
While we have to wait until next year for the Tokyo Olympics sporting action, you can create your own tournament at home with our racing frog challenge!

Watch the video >
Happy World Snake Day!
Celebrate #WorldSnakeDay with this breakfast-time making challenge. Use an empty cereal box to craft a cobra chum or python pal!

Watch the video >
Floating Maltesers
Celebrate World Chocolate Day by taking on our floating Malteser challenge! What happens if you change the size of the cone?

Watch the video >
Gliding cups
Have fun making your own gliding cups with a few simple materials. You will need 2 plastic cups, tape and elastic bands! How far can you get them to glide?

What happens if you use bigger cups or more elastic bands?

Watch the video >
Vortex bottle
Try making your own water vortex in a bottle. You will need a 2L bottle, scissors, Blu-tack and water!

Try and see what happens when you change the size or shape of the hole at the bottom. Share with us at #LifeGoesOnline

Watch the video >
Cup and ball game
Take a bottle, tin foil and some string and create your own Cup and Ball tournament!

Who in your household will be able to catch the ball in the least amount of swings? 

Watch the video >
Friday challenge: Catapults
Take on our Friday Challenge and see what materials you can use to make a mini catapult at home. What type of catapult will launch the ball the furthest?

Watch the video >
Gravity-defying T.rex
The T. Rex is famous for its tiny arms and low centre of gravity, and many a scientist have investigated how the dinosaur would pick itself up if it fell over!

Watch the video >
Sink or swim squid
Control a squid floating in a bottle with just your fingertips! For an extra challenge, try to keep the squid floating in the middle.

Take the challenge >

Friday Challenge 5 June: Scavenger Hunt Spectrum
Take on our first Friday Challenge and scavenge objects from your home to create a radiant rainbow! Can you do better than Danny?

Take the challenge >
Turn recycling into a Tube Trotter!
About to recycle all your toilet rolls? Hold your horses! Craft an equestrian puppet out of them instead!

Watch the video >
Send a waterfall birthday card
Do you know somebody celebrating a low-key birthday in lockdown? Show them you care with a homemade card with a science twist! 

Watch the video >
Download the PDF instructions >
Make your own optical illusion
Trick your senses with a homemade optical illusion that will leave you wondering whether you can always trust what your eyes are telling you!

Watch the video >
Download the PDF template >
Craft a #ClapForOurCarers puppet
Celebrate your health heroes every Thursday at 8.00pm with our #ClapForOurCarers puppet. Download our template to make your own.

Download male template >
Download female template >

Watch the video >
Make your own Solar System!
Hunt around your home for little planets and create your own Solar System! 

Watch the video >

We've put all of the sizes to scale in a handy doc to help too: 

Download the PDF >
Make a water flute
Craft an instrument and play a tune using water!

Watch the video >
Download the instructions >

Spin to sing link a buzzing bee!
Create your own bee hummer using recyclable materials.

Watch the video >
Download the instructions >

Super speedy soap boat
Harness the power of soap to launch a boat at speed! Race against your family - who will come out on top?

Watch the video >
Download the instructions >

Launch a paddletub!
Wind the paddletub, wind the paddletub, launch launch, watch it go!

Watch the video >
Download the instructions >

Bounce Boing!
Create a bouncy trail to boing your marbles as far as you can!

Watch the video >
Download the instructions >

Ping Pong Cannons
Take aim and fire with our rubber-powered launcher!

Watch the video >
Download the instructions >
Perform a shadow show
Entertain your family by harnessing the power of light and shadows and creating a shadow cinema.

Watch the video >
Download the instructions >
Craft a cardboard maze
Create an intricate maze using cardboard. Can you navigate your ball through it safely? 

Watch the video >
Download the instructions >

Take on the loopy lifter challenge
Craft a fun game for the whole family to enjoy using a humble cardboard box, some string, and a whole lot of creativity!

Watch the video >
Download the instructions >
Let's cook! Pizza box oven
It's Earth Week, and we're bringing you climate action activities to try at home, starting with this homemade oven made of recycled materials and harnessing solar power!

Watch the video >
Launch a milk bottle rocket
Make a milk bottle rocket out of recycled materials and see who can launch theirs the furthest!

Watch the video >
Upcycle your old Christmas cards
Instead of recycling the Christmas cards you've received this year, upcycle them and create these terrific trinket boxes! They'd make great gift boxes for next Christmas!

Find out how >
Craft a springtime wobbler
Craft your own springtime wobbler using art supplies at home - sure to put a spring in your step!

Watch the video >

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