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Spotlight on space

A new space package exclusively for Key Stage 2 schools’ groups.

Students will learn about life on board the International Space Station on our Destination Space Workshop.

In our brand-new Spotlight on Space package, Key Stage 2 students can embark on a space adventure centred around hands-on, curriculum-linked learning, including an engaging planetarium show, an interactive workshop and science centre visit for £15 per pupil. 

Students can embark on a space adventure at Life!

School student exploring exciting STEM career in Life Science Centre's Space Zone.

Our packages includes

School children sat in Life's planetarium.

Our Place in Space Planetarium Show

In our state-of-the-art planetarium, students will interact with our presenter to find out about the Earth, Moon and solar system. They will also discover what their age would be on different planets, and explore star constellations.

School children operating a robotic device in science workshop.

Destination Space Workshop

In our most popular Key Stage 2 workshop, Destination space, children take part in hands-on activities to discover what life is like for an astronaut on the International Space Station.

Students learning in Mission Control, a hands-on exhibit in Life Science Centre's Space Zone.

A trip to the science centre

Visit the science centre and explore our mock-up model of part of the International Space Station, and gather around the Sphere which highlights contemporary science issues. Students can also take in Gaia, our mesmerising 7-metre-diameter installation of planet Earth, which aims to create a sense of the Overview Effect – a profound feeling of awe for the planet.