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Electrifying Newcastle

Students can explore the future of electricity generation that is developing right here in the North East.

Who is it for: Key stage 2
Duration: 45 minutes
Students will learn about Newcastle's electricity grid, which lights up Tyne Bridge, on this schools' workshop.

Design and build electrical circuits to light up our lab.

Did you know that Newcastle was one of the first places in the world to have electric streetlights? That streetlights used to be switched on and off by policemen? That today the North East is a centre of innovation in environmentally friendly electricity generation?

Try your hand at designing and building electrical circuits to light up our lab. Discover how switches and light detectors are used to control Newcastle’s streetlights. Explore the future of electricity generation that is developing right here in the Northeast.

This workshop isn’t available between 13 November – 22 December 2023. See details of our alternative seasonal workshops during this period.

Curriculum links

Key stage 2
  • Electricity
  • Working scientifically

By the end of the workshops students will have discovered:

Bulb icon.

How Newcastle has been a centre of innovation in electric lighting.

Fibre optics icon.

How to build electrical circuits that link power sources to switches, sensors and lights.

Circuit icon.

How switches and sensors are used to control electronic devices.

Environment icon.

How scientists and engineers are developing more environmentally friendly ways to generate electricity and to light our streets.

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What other teachers say...

‘The workshop and live science show were the most engaging part of the visit. The children loved being able to ask questions at the end.’

Excelsior Academy

“Very up-to-date workshop with excellent resources.”

Middleham Primary School