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Heart, Lungs and Blood Dissection

Students will discover the fascinating anatomy of sheep's heart and lungs in this hands-on dissection workshop.

Who is it for: Key stage 3
Duration: 90 minutes
School student about to carry out a dissection with assistance of Life Explainer.

Discover the fascinating anatomy of sheep lungs and hearts in this hands-on dissection workshop.

Experience what these organs actually look and feel like. Learn how these organs are adapted to fulfil their role in the mammalian body and how pathologists can learn about the impact of disease by carrying out dissections.

In this workshop students will be guided by a trained member of staff through the stages of dissecting a sheep’s heart and will see a live demonstration of a sheep lung dissection.

Curriculum links

Key stage 3
  • KS3 Biology - gas exchange systems, cells and organisation, health
  • KS3 Working scientifically
  • KS4 Biology - health, disease and the development of medicines, transport systems
  • KS4 Working scientifically

By the end of the workshops students will have discovered:

Lung icon.

The external and internal structure of mammalian heart and lungs - their size, appearance, and texture.

Heart icon.

How the structure of the heart enables it to control the flow of blood through the lungs and around the body.

Air icon.

How the structure of the lungs enables them to bring blood into close contact with air.

Treatment icon

How to conduct dissections and how they reveal useful biological and medical data.

What other teachers say...

“The pupils in the workshop enjoyed the opportunity for hands on dissection work (which we aren’t able to do at school) – this leads nicely into my next topics on digestions and respiration!”

Berwick Middle School