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Generating electricity

Discover the science behind how electricity is generated

Who is it for: Key stage 3
Duration: 60 minutes
Wind Turbines are a topic covered on Life's journey of electricity schools' workshop.

Discover the science behind how electricity is generated.

Students will see if they can make the lights come on with your own generator and test out different designs of wind turbines to see which is the most efficient for converting wind energy into electrical power. They’ll watch the sparks fly when we demonstrate our Wimshurst machine.

Curriculum links

Key stage 3
  • KS3 Electricity and Electromagnetism
  • KS3 Forces & motion
  • KS3 Energy
  • KS3 Working scientifically
  • KS3 Design Technology

By the end of the workshops students will have discovered:

Electricity icon.

What in principle an electrical current is and why it is such a useful source of energy.

Circuit icon.

How generators produce electric currents.

Air icon.

How wind turbines turn wind energy into electrical energy.