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Our Place in Space

Explore planet Earth and the solar system in Life’s immersive planetarium.

Who is it for: Key stage 2
Duration: 60 minutes
A view of Earth from Space.

Discover the movement of the Earth, its Moon and the planets in our solar system to find out how we get days and years.

A live, presenter-led planetarium experience where students can make decisions about what they discover.

In our planetarium show, students will feel like they are visiting different continents on Earth, going stargazing in Kielder and even launching a mission to the Moon. Our presenters will take you on a tour of the solar system and you will see how the JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) can help us make new discoveries about our universe.

Curriculum links

Key stage 2
  • KS2 Science - Earth and Space

By the end of the workshops students will have discovered:

World icon.

How the Earth’s rotation leads to day and night and the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky.

Sun icon.

The movement of Earth and other planets relative to the Sun in our solar system .

Planet icon.

How old they would be on different planets.

Moon icon.

The movement of the Moon relative to the Earth and why the Moon appears to change shape.

Telescope icon.

The conditions needed for stargazing and some of the constellations in our night sky.

Satellite icon.

How scientists can use the JSWT to find out more about our solar system and the universe.