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Light Fantastic

Using an array of optical devices, students will explore the beauty and wonder of light.

Who is it for: Key stage 2
Duration: 60 minutes.
Students will explore the beauty and wonder of light, such as these multi-coloured ultra violet rays on this schools' workshop.

Can you bend a beam of light, send it round corners, and turn it into a rainbow?

How do scientists study the light from stars at the furthest edges of the universe? 

Using an array of optical devices, students will explore the beauty and wonder of light – recreating some of the most famous scientific experiments in history and learning about the latest technology that uses light.

Curriculum links

Key stage 2
  • Light
  • Working scientifically

By the end of the workshops students will have discovered:

Fibre optics icon.

How light beams are reflected and refracted by prisms, lenses and mirrors.

Telescope icon.

How Isaac Newton revolutionised our understanding of light and colour through a series of simple experiments conducted in his bedroom

Stars icon.

How the James Webb space telescope uses a giant mirror to gather light from stars at the very edge of the visible universe.

Bulb icon.

How we can manipulate light to reveal its hidden properties

What other teachers say...

‘The Light Fantastic workshop was extremely well organised. The children really enjoyed the whole day. Thank you.’

Knoplaw Primary School

‘We have had a brilliant day. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The day was very well planned out.’

St Paulinus RC Primary School

‘Your staff are all really attentive, really well-organised and make taking a school trip as easy as it can be.  We really enjoyed the Light Fantastic Workshop, the science show, the planetarium and of course ice-skating!’

Heddon On The Wall St Andrews Church Of England School