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All over the world, scientists are working together to unravel the mysteries of the human brain, many are based right here in the North East.


Explore the human mind with us in Brain Zone.

Get to grips with some brain basics and investigate how we learn, remember and perceive the world around us.

We still have a lot to learn about the brain, here in Brain Zone you can do real scientific experiments and try out what it’s like to be a psychologist and a neurologist.  

Click on an area below and keep exploring the brain from home. What would you like to discover first? 


The brain is the most complex and fascinating thing humans have ever investigated. It is both familiar and mysterious, and the more we learn, the more scientific research confirms that there is still much more to be discovered.

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Psychologists, anthropologists, programmers, project managers and many more are working together to understand how our emotions and behaviours are linked and how they affect each other.  

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We often think of having just 5 senses, but in fact, we have more than 20! In Brain Zone, you can trick your senses by stepping into an optical illusion and testing exhibits that require some mind over matter.

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