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Cloudy with a Chance of Diamonds: Sphere Show

Included in science centre ticket
Age 7+ recommendation
Set aside about 10 minutes
The Sphere is a large digital globe projecting shows in Life Science Centre's Space Zone.

Your interplanetary weather forecast

Tune in to TV weatherman Ross Hutchinson (ITV), as he talks through an extreme planetary weather forecast in an engaging Sphere show. 

Taking up the reins as Nebulous News’ weather forecaster, Ross gives an amusing and insightful guide to the many diverse planets in our universe. 

Hear all about:

  • The great red sandstorms of Mars
  • The 460C temperatures on Venus
  • How Uranus is the coldest spot in the solar system
  • The 2,000km winds on Neptune
  • A great red storm that’s been raging for hundreds of years on Jupiter
  • How it’s raining diamonds in Saturn!

And you thought the North East weather was crazy!

ITV News' Ross Hutchinson presenting an interplanetary weather forecast on Life Science Centre's Sphere.

Sphere show highlights

Theater icon.

Enjoy an immersive digital show in a unique setting.

Video footage

Shows change throughout the year, so there’s always something new to enjoy!

Pinpoint on map

The show is produced in-house so you won't see it anywhere else!

Our climate approach

As the North East’s biggest science centre, Life is committed to helping audiences make sense of complex, controversial and often scary subjects, like climate science.


Through workshops, exhibitions and events, we encourage visitors of all ages to understand the issues in an interactive and thought-provoking way.

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