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Space Zone

Included in science centre ticket
Perfect for everyone
Set aside about 1 hour
Adults in mock-up International Space Station at Life's Space Zone.

It’s easy to forget we live on a spinning rock that is whizzing through space.

Be inspired by the wonders of the Universe and see how space exploration impacts our everyday lives.

Our Space Zone brings space close to home: find out how we’re already using space technology in our everyday lives and discover how the future of space exploration is being shaped right here in the north east of England.

Two young children jumping in air in Life Science Centre's International Space Station model.
See inside Space Zone

Space Zone highlights

Astronaut icon.

Step inside a replica of the International Space Station and find out how astronauts live in space.

Water icon.

Try your hand at weather presenting in our mock-up studio.

Rocket icon.

Be the boss in Mission Control - help navigate space crafts and collect falling space junk!

Telescope icon maroon

Immerse yourself in the North’s biggest and most advanced planetarium. Shows change throughout the year so there’s always something new to enjoy.

Movie reel icon yellow.

Enjoy family-friendly shows on our digital globe, the Sphere.

Accessibility information

Space Zone has lots of areas to explore. Most of this space is dimly lit compared to the rest of the science centre. The International Space Station exhibit is brightly lit. Mission Control has lots of screens and includes lots of blue lights. Sunglasses are available from our sensory backpacks at reception.

Some exhibits have automatic beeping noises and voiceovers playing. Different exhibits may be heard at the same time. The International Space Station has white noise. Ear defenders are available from reception for a refundable deposit. In the International Space Station, some sections include strong smells.

‘We really enjoyed learning about life aboard the International Space Station. I enjoyed trying my hand at mission control and handling an actual moon rock!’

Emma, Facebook. 

‘Good mix of great space exhibits.’

Rob, Google Reviews.

‘The ISS replica with videos of life on board was amazing. It was fascinating to see how the crew on board life and function,’

Lesley, visitor.

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Included in science centre ticket
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