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Creativity Zone

Included in science centre ticket
Perfect for everyone
Set aside about 30 minutes
Mother and daughter playing with spinning table in Creativity Zone.

Exhibits and activities that will fire up your imagination.

We all have a creative side. Scientists, engineers and inventors use their imagination, tools and materials to solve life’s big problems. Now it’s your turn to get creative and see what you can create and solve.

Get hands-on in the Creativity Zone, with a range of interactive exhibits. Solve challenges, make objects move on our spinning table and marvel at inspirational creations featured on our LEGO® wall. Don’t forget to capture the fun and share your self-portrait at the selfie booth!

Little girl enjoying Life Science Centre's spinning table activity.
See inside Creativity Zone

Creativity Zone highlights

Spinning icon.

Experiment with objects on our spinning table. How fast do they spin? See what happens when you start to stack.

Camera icon.

Take a selfie in our photo booth – from a gladiator helmet to lab goggles, there's lots of props to choose from!

Lego Brick icon.

Be amazed by clever LEGO® creations built by professional LEGO® artist, Steve Mayes.

Cog icon

Be our juke box DJ and experiment with cogs and motors to make the music play.

Accessibility information

Creativity Zone has a range of exhibits which are designed to move, make a noise or light up. Most of these are screen based, and some show moving colourful patterns.

This area is near to the entrance so can get quite busy at the start of the day. Some of the activities can be quite loud, particularly the jukebox. Ear defenders are available from reception for a refundable deposit.

Inside Creativity Zone, there is a LEGO® Wall. This shows inventions and historical moments made in LEGO®, like Stephenson’s Rocket train or a Metro carriage! These models are behind a glass screen, so cannot be touched or played with.

‘Spinning tables were brilliant and the children loved the huge fan!’

Emma, visitor. 

‘The creative zone is a great opportunity for kids to explore and be themselves.’

Michael, visitor. 

We had lots of fun in the Creative Zone.

Kinga, Google. 

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