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Brain Zone

Included in science centre ticket
Age 7+ recommendation
Set aside about 30 minutes
Man looking at object in Life Science Centre's Brain Zone.

Explore what makes you 'you'.

Find out how your brain works and how it controls so many of your body’s functions – often without you even realising it.

Play memory games, step into an optical illusion and (attempt to) interact with exhibits that require some mind over matter. Get to grips with some brain basics and investigate how we learn, remember and perceive the world around us.

Little girl looking and touching a replica of a brain in Life Science Centre
See inside Brain Zone

Brain Zone highlights

Cog icon.

Put your brain to the test with fun memory games and puzzles.

Eye icon

Be amazed by optical illusions - do you dare to step on our trap door?

Water icon.

Drink from our toilet water fountain...Does your brain tell you not to?!

Brain icon.

See a REAL human brain up close.

Accessibility information

Brain Zone has a range of exhibits which are designed to move, make a noise or light up. Most of these are screen based, with audio to assist in the activity. Ear defenders are available from reception for a refundable deposit.

There are some exhibits in Brain Zone that are made to look a bit scary, such as the anvil and trap door. One memory-based exhibit includes strong smells. These may not be suitable for all visitors.

‘We started in the brain zone where we all enjoyed learning about the brain and trying the experiments and games. A highlight of the brain zone was the human brain that is on display.’

Emma, Facebook.

‘We spent a good hour here. My daughter liked all the activities. Very good!!! The trap door was a fave from my 3-year-old.’

Emma, visitor. 

‘Kids loved the interactive games on the monitors and enjoyed learning facts in a fun way.’

Sophie, visitor. 

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