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Busy bee (and bug) activities

Life bee trail illustrations

Now that you’ve found all of the flowers hidden in the science centre, check out these activities you can do at home, to help the bees (and bugs) in your local area.

Well done – you completed our busy bee trail!

Close Up Of Bee Pollinationg Of A Wood
Close Up Of Bee Pollinationg Of A Wood
Bee hunt

To help protect bees, we need to know where they are and how they’re doing. Join the North East Bee Hunt to help record bees on our doorstep. 

Age 5 – 8, Age 8 – 11, Age 11 – 14, Age 14+
Happy Young Man With Small Sister Holding Bug Hotels Outdoors In Backyard.
Make a bug hotel

Create your very own bug hotel using a range of materials and then fill it with sustainable materials like bamboo, leaves and twigs!

Age 8 – 11, Age 11 – 14
Flower Rich Wild Flower Meadow
How to make wildflower seed dumplings

Make your own wildflower seed dumplings at home then see your far you can throw them!

Age 5 – 8, Age 8 – 11, Age 11 – 14
A Bumblebee Perching On A Thistle Against A Plain Green Background.
How to make a bee hummer

Bees' wings make a loud humming noise. See if you can replicate this at home using a rubber band!

Age 8 – 11, Age 11 – 14
Beautiful wild meadow in the spring sun.
Spring scavenger hunt

To celebrate the arrival of spring, we’re challenging you to take part in a scavenger hunt! Explore your local area as you look for signs of spring.

Under 5s, Age 5 – 8