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Mathen Ganesan

Executive Vice President of Intellectual Ventures’ (IV) Invention Investment Fund

Born and raised in Newcastle, Mathen Ganesan studied his Undergraduate degree in Newcastle, before moving to London for his Masters. Mathen has 20+ years’ experience in starting, building and investing in advanced technology companies. He is currently the Executive Vice President of Intellectual Ventures’ (IV) Invention Investment Fund. In this role, he spent three years in Dublin before moving with his family to Seattle, in the States, where he served on the Board of Directors at the Pacific Science Centre for four years.

"The North East, Newcastle in particular, is in my blood and finding ways to support my local community is important to me. I’m passionate about science and finding ways to make this topic more accessible for everyone. Life certainly makes this possible."

Mathen Ganesan is a Centre for Life Trustee.

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