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Dr Matthew Prior

Consultant Gynaecologist in Reproductive Medicine, Newcastle Fertility Centre

Dr Matthew Prior is a Consultant Gynaecologist in Reproductive Medicine at Newcastle Fertility Centre.

Matt has been invited all over the world to speak on topics including mitochondrial donation, three-dimensional ultrasound, recurrent pregnancy loss and reproductive surgery. He was awarded a PhD for research into miscarriage and fertility problems.

Newcastle Fertility Centre has been part of the Life story since 1998 – two years before the site was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 2000We‘re now regarded as a world-leading fertility clinic, dedicated to research, innovation and supporting our patients and we‘re proud to be part of the on-going Life story. We‘ve helped thousands of people every year, as part of their fertility journeyFertility treatment often takes place in out-of-the- way places so being part of this vibrant community, in the heart of the city, is a hugely positive thing for our patients and our team. It’s a daily reminder of the wonders of science and the power of partnerships.      

Matthew Prior