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Where on Earth?

An interactive story-telling session where students go on an adventure around the earth.

Who is it for: Key stage 1 and reception
Duration: 45 minutes
Students around Life's Sphere taking part in the Where on Earth schools' workshop.

Join our storyteller under Life’s beautiful digital Sphere

Students will go on an adventure around the earth travelling from night to day, discovering oceans and continents.

Can they help our lost animals find their right homes in the hot, cold, dry, and wet places?

Curriculum links

Key stage 1 and reception
  • Animals, including humans
  • Living things and their habitats
  • Human and physical geography
  • Geographical skills and fieldwork

By the end of the workshops students will have discovered:

Sun icon.

We live on planet earth that goes around the sun.

Moon icon.

The turning of earth gives us day and night.

Wave icon.

Planet earth is made up of seven continents and five oceans.

Pinpoint map icon.

Where the United Kingdom is on a map.

Temperature icon.

Each continent contains regions with different wildlife, plants, weather and temperatures.

Planet earth icon.

How beautiful and diverse the earth is.

What other teachers say...

‘It has been great! The children have loved every second and we’re looking forward to coming back.’

Wellbeck Academy