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Earth Defenders: Planetarium Show

Included in science centre ticket
Age 7+ recommendation
From Friday 28 June 2024
Mother and son in Just Look Up Planetarium Show at Life Science Centre.

Leave the world behind in Life’s amazing Planetarium. 

Discover the team of satellites defending Earth from above in this ‘80s style animation, from the brilliant in-house team that created What Santa Sees.  Five sentinels of the sky see off threats from asteroids to climate change. They are… the Earth Defenders!  

Shows are on at various times throughout the day and times are available on arrival. During busy times, we request that you visit the Planetarium once – this is to allow other visitors to enjoy the experience too.

Planetarium highlights

Planet icon.

Leave the world behind and step inside the North’s biggest, most advanced Planetarium.

Accessibility icon

We promise super comfy seats so you can completely relax, and there’s space for wheelchairs and pushchairs too.

Telescope icon.

Life's Planetarium uses state-of-the-art projectors to give ultra-rich, high-resolution visuals and provide an immersive experience.

Accessibility information

The planetarium is an enclosed dark area. During the show, the lights are dimmed in order to enhance the experience. It is equipped with an analogue induction loop and has spaces for wheelchairs.

Shows feature voiceovers and sometimes music which can be loud. Ear defenders are available from reception for a refundable deposit. Shows take place several times throughout the day and times are given to visitors on arrival.

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