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Experiment Zone

Included in science centre ticket
Age 7+ only
Set aside about 30 minutes
Mother and son completing science experiment with red liquid inside the science centre.

In Experiment Zone YOU are the scientist! 

Carry our practical experiments using real tools and materials. Work on your own, in a team, or enlist the help of a friendly Explainer.

On now: 

  • Combine chemicals that will fizz, heat, cool and solidify.

The Experiment Zone is for ages 7+, we restrict access to under 7s for safety reasons. Children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Young visitor wearing safety goggles whilst completing a science experiment at Life Science Centre.
See inside Experiment Zone

Experiment Zone highlights

Safety goggles icon.

Look like a real scientist with a lab coat and goggles!

Test tube icon

Experiments change throughout the year so there’s always something new to try.

Microscope icon.

Investigate a range of objects and materials through a microscope.

Petri dish icon.

Use cool tools and equipment that you’d find in a real lab.

Accessibility information

Experiment Zone features a range of experiments using real chemicals and science equipment. For safety reasons, Experiment Zone is for people aged 7+ only. Under-13s need to be supervised by an adult while they work.

Visitors will be asked to wear a lab coat and goggles for safety reasons. There are touchscreens on the benches and staff are available to assist.

Experiments change throughout the year but can include strong smells and unusual textures. Please speak to a member of staff before starting an experiment if you have any concerns.

To the right of the entrance to this area, the staff door may set off an alarm sound as people come in and out.

‘It was fun and interesting; the staff were great, and the instructions were very clear.’

Lucy, visitor. 

‘My son loved it. Really easy to follow experiments which he could take the lead on. Staff extremely helpful.’

Katie, visitor.

‘My son loved the hands-on experience of the experiments. It was really good fun and a chance for him to try out some real-life science!’

Lesley, visitor.

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