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Science Now! Hub: Buzzing About Bees

Included in science centre ticket
Age 7+ recommendation
Set aside about 20 minutes
Bee pollinating an pink and yellow flower.

Get the latest, local, cutting-edge research at the brand-new Science Now! Hub.

Exciting and relevant things are happening all the time in science. Want to find out about the amazing stuff happening on your doorstep?

Exploring one exciting theme at a time, the Science Now! Hub brings you amazing stories, cool kit, videos and quizzes so you can delve into the latest North East science. Through interactive, hands-on activities, discover the local people behind the science, including what they are trying to find out, how they do what they do – and why it’s important.

First up, we are BUZZING ABOUT BEES.

Bees are essential for the survival of our plants, people and the planet, but bees are under threat.

Head to the Science Now! Hub to discover the trouble humans are causing bees. Find out what scientists in the North East are doing to fix it and be inspired to take action.

Scientist with syringe in the hand, in background a rape field with a bee

Science Now! highlights

Bee icon.

A surprising and everyday object that scientists use to catch bees.

Microscope icon.

A sneak-peek inside a bee lab where scientists train bees.

Pinpoint map icon.

A chance to share your ideas to bring bees back to your local area.

Magnifying glass

Littles ones can go on a busy bee trail (collect from reception on arrival).

Our climate approach

As the North East’s biggest science centre, Life is committed to helping audiences make sense of complex, controversial and often scary subjects, like climate science.

Through workshops, exhibitions and events, we encourage visitors of all ages to understand the issues in an interactive and thought-provoking way.

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