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We’re not like a museum where you’ll only find stuff in cases and be expected to look and not touch. At Life Science Centre, you’re encouraged to get stuck in: explore, create and have fun – whatever your age. Our friendly Science Explainers are always on-hand to answer questions – just look out for people wearing the Life-branded blue polo shirts.

Your science centre ticket gives you access to ALL of the daytime activities inside Life Science Centre (see below). There are no extra fees for exhibitions or for entry to the planetarium, live theatre shows and the Making Studios. You won’t find any hidden charges here!

Explore Life's interactive Zones - experience neurological tests in the Brain Zone and let little ones discover the Young Explorers’ Zone.

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Everything below is included in your Science Centre ticket

Be inspired by the wonders of the Universe and how space exploration impacts our everyday lives in the brand new Space Zone.
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In the Making Studios, a range of interactive exhibits from selfie booths to poetry robots will help you tap into your inner creativity, while the studio spaces provide an opportunity to try your hand at a variety of hands-on making activities.
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This is an immersive experience – once the lights are dimmed, the doors are shut and you’re sitting on one of the comfiest seats in the region, it’s easy to forget you’re still on planet Earth. We have shows that are tailored for different ages.

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A changing programme of live theatre shows developed and performed in-house by our Science Explainers to explore a science topic with storytelling, demos and a bit of audience participation (not compulsory if you’re a wallflower).

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This is a hands-on area designed to let children explore and create. There’s a little indoor garden with a tree house,  a shop, a cafe, a kitchen  and even a recycling centre to teach children some good habits at an early age.

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Play memory games, step inside an optical illusion and (attempt to) interact with exhibits that require some mind over matter. Developed with the curriculum in mind, it's a fantastic resource for science students – particularly those on psychology courses.

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Don a lab coat and try out some real science experiments. We provide the chemicals*, pipettes and conical flasks – you just need to bring your ‘A’ game for precise measurements and keen observations. (*Yes, real chemicals! Hence you must be 7+ to enter the lab.)

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What's On

Pop-Up Play Stations and Discovery Backpacks Explore pop-up play areas designed especially for our youngest visitors. Fun, hands-on activities include rocket building, measuring and creating a giant marble run!    See a rainbow indoors and listen to some noisy toys with our new Discovery Backpacks. Collect from reception to use throughout your visit.   The Listen Discovery Backpack for under-4s includes musical instruments and toys that make interesting noises. The Look Discovery Backpack for ages 4+ includes coloured filters and glasses that enable the wearer to see rainbows indoors.   (Limited availability. £10 refundable deposit required on entry).    NEW Play Zone (opening Saturday 23 October) Let your little ones explore a fascinating world designed just ...
Perfect for Under 7s   Included in your science centre ticket
Play memory games, step into an optical illusion and (attempt to) interact with exhibits that require some mind over matter. Get to grips with some brain basics and investigate how we learn, remember and perceive the world around us. Don't miss: ​Disappearing hand – You will believe that your hand has disappeared even though your brain tells you it can't be possible. Do not touch – Dare you risk pressing the red button, and how will you react if you do? A REAL brain – Take a close-up look at the human brain – the container of all our hopes, ...
Perfect for 7+ (recommended)   Included in your science centre ticket
Get hands-on in the Creativity Zone, with a range of interactive exhibits. Solve challenges, make objects move on our spinning table and marvel at inspirational creations featured on our LEGO® wall. Don’t forget to capture the fun and share your self-portrait at the selfie booth! Head to the Making Studios to try your hand at a variety of hands-on making activities. Take the tail of a snake, the claw of a dragon and mash them together to build your own scary cardboard creature from different spooky parts. Find out how to breathe life into your beast and make it perform in the shadow theatre, then ...
Perfect for All ages   Included in your science centre ticket
Carry out practical experiments using real tools and materials. Work on your own, in a team, or enlist the help of a friendly Science Explainer. ​    
Perfect for ages 7+   Included in your science centre ticket
Created by UK artist, Luke Jerram, the exhibition uses detailed NASA imagery of the Earth’s surface to provide a unique opportunity to view our planet floating in three dimensions.   The artwork is 1.8 million times smaller than the real Earth with each centimetre of the internally lit sculpture describing 18km of the Earth’s surface. By standing 211m away from the artwork, visitors will be able to see the Earth as it appears from the moon. The installation aims to create a sense of the Overview Effect, which was first described by author Frank White in 1987. Common features of the experience ...
Perfect for Everyone   Included in your science centre ticket
There's an incredible collection of detailed new models by Edinburgh based Warren Elsmore, with highlights including the Houses of Parliament (who needs a day trip to London?!) and a huge four-metre-long airport. Plus, check out a gallery of famous movie posters cleverly recreated using nothing but LEGO® bricks! From 23 October, we'll have new models on display in the science centre including a 1.6m tall model of Space UniKitty from The LEGO®  Movie (a fantastic selfie opportunity!), and the somewhat scary-looking Steampunk Submarine!Elsewhere in the science centre, get inspired by the handiwork of local LEGO® artist Steve Mayes, whose models ...
Perfect for All ages   Included in your science centre ticket
Perfect for Everyone   Included in your science centre ticket
Launch your own rocket. Climb inside a mock-up model of part of the International Space Station. Watch shows on a digital globe displaying Earth, Moon and planetary satellite imagery. See a genuine Moon rock. Plus, check out the biggest planetarium in the north of England that currently features two brilliant shows, Little Bear and A View from Space. 
Perfect for 5+   Included in your science centre ticket
Part of our new Space Zone, the Sphere is a digital globe and show space where visitors can enjoy family-friendly presenter-led science shows.   Show topics change regularly so there's always something new to learn!   Currently showing: Climate Emergency Right across the globe, people are declaring a climate emergency. But why? And are we running out of time to act?   Humans have walked the planet for a mere fraction of Earth’s existence yet, due to our activities, the planet is changing at an unprecedented rate which pushes the natural balances of the Earth to its limits. With ...
Perfect for 7+ (recommended)   Included in your science centre ticket
Show 1: A View from Space Discover what Earth looks like from space in this family-friendly planetarium show.   We know that sending satellites into space allows us to explore the cosmos and increase our understanding of the Universe. But did you know that there are some satellites that look down on Earth?  Some satellites help us see amazing detail of the surface of our planet. Information from the sensors allow us to see changes over time, including the impact that humans have on our world, and they even let us monitor groups of animals in remote locations.  Show 2: Little Bear An enchanting planetarium ...
Perfect for All Ages   Included in your science centre ticket
Shows are on at various times throughout the day, show times are available on arrival.
Perfect for all ages   Included in your science centre ticket
Visitor feedback "The staff in the making centre were really great and my daughter loved making her windmill. The stand next to the experiment lab that has the impact of food on carbon dioxide production was also really good and thought provoking."

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