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School workshops

Our unique workshops and story-telling sessions are linked to the national STEM curriculum. 

Two female school students using pipette during Life Science Centre education workshop.
Dog eating peas
Key stage 1 and reception
Max’s Mealtime

An interactive story-telling session where students learn about how we get food from its source to our plates sustainably.

School class inside The Sphere, a highlight of Life's Space Zone.
Key stage 1 and reception
Where on Earth?

An interactive story-telling session where students go on an adventure around the earth.

Students Will Learn About Astronauts Living In Space On This Workshop.
Key stage 1 and reception
Living in space

Students will learn about life on board the International Space Station.

Young school students enjoying a hands-on experiment in Life's education labs..
Key stage 1 and reception
Working scientifically
Who wants to be a scientist?

Students will discover how scientists use their senses to study chemicals.

Combine your workshop with a science centre visit

No school trip would be complete without a visit to our science centre

We provide exciting, interactive zones and activities which are designed to inspire and entertain students of all ages and abilities.

We’re not like a museum where you’ll find stuff in cases and be expected to look and not touch. At Life, students will be encouraged to get stuck in: explore, create, have fun. Our friendly Explainers are always around to answer questions, explain activities and suggest new things to try.

Two school students enjoying a rocket building activity with the support of an Explainer inside Life Science Centre.

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