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School workshops

Our unique workshops and story-telling sessions are linked to the national STEM curriculum. 

Two female school students using pipette during Life Science Centre education workshop.
Students will learn about life on board the International Space Station on our Destination Space Workshop.
Key stage 2
Destination Space

Students will discover how scientists and engineers help astronauts live and work on the International Space Station (ISS).

Planet Earth from space at night.
Key stage 2
Our Place in Space

Explore planet Earth and the solar system in Life’s immersive planetarium.

School children in a laboratory taking part in a practical education workshop inside the science centre.
Key stage 2
Discovering chemistry

Students will take on the role of a chemist and use real laboratory equipment to identify mystery powders and create new substances.

On this workshop, students will conduct experiments to find the best construction materials for an Antarctic Research Station, similar to the one pictured.
Key stage 2
Design and technology
Extreme Materials – Antarctica

Discover how scientists and engineers help people to live and work in one of the harshest environments on Earth - Antarctica.

Internal organs of a human body are covered on this Disgusting Digestion schools' workshop.
Key stage 2
Disgusting Digestion

Students will discover how the body extracts nutrients from food, and how it disposes of waste

Newcastle Tyne Bridge And River Quayside District
Key stage 2
Electrifying Newcastle

Students can explore the future of electricity generation that is developing right here in the North East.

Students will explore the beauty and wonder of light, such as these multi-coloured ultra violet rays on this schools' workshop.
Key stage 2
Light Fantastic

Using an array of optical devices, students will explore the beauty and wonder of light.

Combine your workshop with a science centre visit

No school trip would be complete without a visit to our science centre

We provide exciting, interactive zones and activities which are designed to inspire and entertain students of all ages and abilities.

We’re not like a museum where you’ll find stuff in cases and be expected to look and not touch. At Life, students will be encouraged to get stuck in: explore, create, have fun. Our friendly Explainers are always around to answer questions, explain activities and suggest new things to try.

Two school students enjoying a rocket building activity with the support of an Explainer inside Life Science Centre.

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