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Speakeasy Attendee Asking A Question With Microphone.
Lifting the lid on the rise of toxic influencers

5 March 2024

Life is lifting the lid on the rise of toxic influencers and why their controversial content resonates with so many people at their latest Speakeasy.

Adults at live skies planetarium event.
The sky is the limit for evening entertainment at Life Science Centre

28 February 2024

Live Skies is a new series of evening shows in Life Science Centre’s planetarium exclusively for adults.

Hayley King, a panellist at Life's fertility speakeasy, alongside her two donor conceived twins.
Adult event
Unlocking genetic heritage: Fitting into our Genes event marks 18-year milestone for donor-conceived individuals

26 September 2023

A donor-conceived woman who used a donor for the birth of her twins, is part of an adult-only event that marks milestone in donor legislation.

Lifelong Pink Floyd fan Peter Smith pictured in Life Science Centre's planetarium about to watch 'The Dark Side of the Moon'.
Adult event
Journey to the Dark Side of the Moon takes Floyd fan on a unique trip down memory lane.

6 September 2023

A lifelong Pink Floyd fan enjoyed an out of this world trip down memory lane at Life's 'Dark Side of the Moon' planetarium show.

Life long Pink Floyd Peter Smith in Life Science Centre's Planetarium, watching Dark Side of the Moon.
Adult event
Visitors flock to Life for a journey to the Dark Side of the Moon

15 August 2023

A unique journey to the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ at Life has proved to be a sell-out success, prompting further dates to be added

Science Speakeasy on fitting into our genes
Adult event
Fitting into our genes – examining a new chapter of identity

15 August 2023

An adult only speakeasy at Life Science Centre will throw the spotlight on a monumental shift in the landscape of reproductive law.

Donkey harnessed to a cart carries divers oxygen cylinders
Adult event
Life explores animal sentience in Science Speakeasy

12 June 2023

One year on from the UK’s Animal Sentience Act, Life is hosting a debate to discuss the implications of granting animals’ 'personhood' status.

Female office worker with drug on the end of tongue with question mark symbol.
Adult event
Experts to examine the science behind microdosing trend at Life Speakeasy

19 April 2023

Is the microdosing trend masking psychedelics true potential for personal growth and freedom?

Overhead Shot Of Adults Watching Science Speakeasy Inside The Science Centre.
Adult event
Is climate fiction bad news? Top experts gather at Life

17 October 2022

Some of the UK’s leading names in academia and culture will gather at Life to explore whether climate fiction does more harm than good.